Our Story

During the pandemic of 2020, 17 families in the West Homewood area came together to build a place specifically for our neighborhood. Somewhere where we can create memories, share laughs and of course, enjoy great ice cream. Enter Neighbors Ice Cream. The perfect neighborhood spot that caters to our diverse and funky community. We are family oriented and community driven. Our 17 different family owners all provide a different flavor that perfectly combines to make up Neighbors Ice Cream. Between our delicious hand scooped ice cream, mouthwatering candy and fresh sodas and drinks, we promise we have something for everyone.

Community Driven.
Family Oriented.
Neighborhood Owned.

Meet the Owners

John and Leslie McElheny
Will and Jana Flinkow
Payton and Heather Junkin
Paul and Apryl Simmons
Jonathan and Maria Fleisher
Carlos and Mercedes Alemán
Bernard and Stephanie Mays
Michael and Sarah Beth Eady
Christopher and Jenna Bailey
David and Rebekah Ytterberg
Andrew and Trista Wolverton
Erik and Lauren GibsonJ
ohnny and Courtney Grimes
Brittany and Robert Sturdivant
Matt and Amanda Leach
JW and Becky Carpenter
Derek and Rushton Waltchack